The Time Machine : Om Illustrated Classics

ISBN 9789384225445

The Time Machine is one of the most influential science fictionnovels of all time. It is an adventure story documenting the TimeTraveller?s travel into the future by a machine constructed by him.Once there, he discovered that society, as he knows it, has falleninto ruins. All that is left are remnants of crumbling buildings andovergrown vegetation. He comes in contact with two species insteadof modern humans. Much of the novel concerns the Time Traveller?shorrifying discovery of this divided world. It gradually becomesapparent that the novel is more than an adventure story; it is alsoa parable about the ultimate kind of society stratified by class, bythose who have and those who do not.The book is a work of great imagination that can be read andappreciated by fans of both Science Fiction and Non-Science Fiction.



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